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About Me

I’m Sabine Fontaine, an experienced successful Female Team Leader who wants to make an impact in the Leadership world by empowering women!

If you want help in being hired as a Team Leader, in building a cohesive team, in learning leadership skills, in securing high productivity, in having low turnover, in diffusing conflicts and more, you are at the right place!

Welcome and thank you for consciously choosing to make a difference with me! Together, stronger, better!

Sabine Fontaine


My Mission

Women in Leadership

Women are wonderful leaders and yet, we are still underrepresented. Why is that? Lack of self-confidence, lack of awareness? Not anymore!

With the right guidance and effective leadership strategies, you can and you will make wonders!

My mission is to share my expertise and knowledge in leadership, but also the pitfalls on a journey that can seem lonely when you don’t know where to start.

I love seeing my lovely ladies blossoming in their leadership careers where they belong!

Once you know better, you do better

Maya Angelou's Mother

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants


You get in life what you have the courage to ask for

Oprah Winfrey