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For many years, I made a distinction between spirituality and business. I thought it was impossible to reconcile both and I was making sure those two could not meet on any level!

As such, as a Team Leader, I was doing my best to avoid “spiritual words” and I was making sure that my advice or feedback at meetings could not be misinterpreted for having a spiritual flair.

This was a struggle for me because I am a spiritual woman in a business world. In other words, I had to force myself to remain politically correct and hide the fact that I take most of my inspiration from my states of being, which take roots from a more spiritual path.


What does spirituality have anything to do at work?


What does spirituality really mean?


A Mindset

Being spiritual has nothing to do with religion. I thought I would make that clear from the start because I have been asked about the concept many times before.

To me, being spiritual is a mix of personal development and using concepts of the Law of Attraction to achieve good results in your life. It’s about being more positive and see the big picture calmly. It’s a mindset, an attitude. It’s a set of assumptions you hold dear that help you lead with empathy and respect, in consciousness.

I am a big fan of the concepts developed by Neville Goddard. His concepts place you at the center of your world. You then create the reality you want to experience.


A state of being

Trying to act as a non-spiritual woman is just nonsense. Because it is a state of being; being spiritual is a way of life, of approaching life. I feel it has smoothened the person I used to be and has given me the humility that a leadership role requires.

Especially at the start, when you are successful at the interview and you are not too sure how to make a whole team trust you and respect you. You don’t want to be too authoritarian, you are not there to have a social chat either, you need to be focused on objectives, on motivating individuals, on being responsible for people as opposed to being responsible for yourself. I mean, it can be overwhelming if you don’t ground yourself quickly.

Being spiritual helps in remaining grounded and in control as you embrace who you are as a person; the work is already done, you see. Because when you are spiritually guided, you have already looked within to understand who you were. You have already dissected your emotions and your reactions in various situations.

In a word, you are one step ahead because simply put, you are already emotionally aware. And that makes a huge difference.


A state of doing

Once you know who you are as a person, there is no quest needed to lead self before leading others, in growing up I would like to say. That work being already done you have the luxury to focus on the job at hand. This frees up time that you will need to absorb new information as you grasp all the ins and outs of your new job. A report here, a report there, no more routine, tiredness to learn so many new things. I mean, if on top of it all you have to start being emotionally mature, it could take a little while before being efficient.

Whereas now, you can start applying and implementing what you learn; you do stuff, you act, you are on the move; the team can see that you are already in charge.

If you had to learn a whole set of soft skills then it would be challenging.


A state of leading

Being spiritual positions you as a natural leader because you are guided to take inspired actions. Spirituality places us at the centre of all things. Because we know that our inner happiness allows us to be totally focused on what is important, which is the wellbeing of the individuals in the team. Without them, no excellence, period.

When you lead a team, this is it. You lead a TEAM. If you were to lead objectives, you would be called Objective Lead. But that’s not the case.

You see, team leaders who believe that the objectives in calls or sales or whatever is what is going to determine if they are good leaders are wrong. Pure and simple. Because objectives are met by the team that the leader motivates.

See, this takes a whole new dimension all of the sudden.

You would be surprised at the number of conflicts I had with one particular manager who kept telling me I was “too kind” with the team. He felt I was protecting them. You’re damn right I was! I protected them from being considered and treated like robots executing orders!

Respect does not come with a title, you see, it comes with the person who holds it respectfully.


A state of achieving

Guess what: although that manager was critical over my management style, I was always given “lost cases”; not in terms of people obviously, there is NEVER a lost case in people, but in terms of objectives.

And guess what: (I know, a lot of guessing here!) with the SAME people but with a spiritual attitude, I was able to reach the objectives with my team in a quarter. Just for you to know, those objectives had never been met in 5 years of existence. Magic? No. Spiritual guidance consisting of placing individuals at the center of all my strategies.



How has spirituality helped me in leadership?


Leading self

As I have previously mentioned if you don’t know yourself well, not a chance you can be in control of your emotions and reactions. Now, when you are a team leader, you can not allow yourself to react to every situation; that would unsettle the team.

A team needs to feel safe and grounded in order to be productive. That’s the first rule. If you jump around the place when there is an instruction coming from above that you are not happy with, this won’t work for the team. You need to respond. And this can only happen when you are in control of your emotions and have thoughts that are solution-based as opposed to issue-based.



Being a team leader is being responsible for others. Their achievement is theirs and you need to make sure they are publicly praised for it, including notifying your own management. But their shortcomings are yours. If you think this is fair, raise your hand. Ideally, you should see the fairness in that. Because you are the one who came up with the vision, with the strategy. Remember, team members follow your strategy and you are motivating them to do that.

In other words, if they fail, it means you have failed. Your strategy was flawed. It has nothing to do with them.

If they have succeeded, it means that they have applied the right focus and discipline in your winning strategy. Because your strategy has inevitably implied that you have given them work related to their strengths, it means you have beautified their talent. Not your talent, their talent.

The trick is not to be so humble that you don’t congratulate yourself, not at all. I always congratulate myself and praise myself. Not publicly, in private. But I make a point to give the right exposure to the talent of the team members.


Being non-judgmental

Before reconciling my spiritual side with my business-minded side, I was still disciplined, but I had the same expectations of the team than of myself. This was the wrong way to go. Everybody is unique. You can only get the best out of people, but not the same.

By putting my expectations to a level of excellence of THEIR strength, I was always in awe of all they accomplished. I had the best team everywhere I went. Luck? Maybe not.


Being aware & present

Spiritual people are familiar with mindfulness or meditation. Meditating puts you in a peaceful state of mind where your consciousness is fully present. This is an ideal moment to manifest what you want in life. This is how I have manifested many of my jobs if I am being honest. When I started manifested on purpose (we manifest at all times, but when we are not aware of the concepts we tend to manifest by default), I realised I had already manifested on purpose beforehand without knowing I had. I had used a few techniques and because they had already worked for me, I kept using them. When I started studying more spiritual I quickly noticed I had been using a few techniques.


Being focused

Being focused is at the core of so many things to improve your life that I can’t stress enough how important it is. Focus will help you learn and absorb concepts quicker; focus will help you manifest what you want; focus will help you gain clarity on a situation; focus will help you improve your knowledge, which in turn will lead with your self-confidence. Being focused will also help you direct meetings, make decisions and think quickly on your feet.


Being disciplined

Discipline goes hand in hand with focus. The more disciplined you get, the quicker you will see results. Being disciplined will help you gain trust and respect when you become a Team Leader because you will inevitably be effective and highly productive.

This will ensure you work within deadlines and put the right emphasis on time management.


Feeling empowered & in control

When you are spiritually guided, you don’t really care what others think of you. Of course, I was annoyed to justify my management style to that particular manager, but I felt more annoyed because he wanted to “rectify” some of my decisions, not because he was telling me off.

Until one day I applied a spiritual strategy or process and he stopped being on my back. That day, I decided to use my spiritual self into my work. The rest is history as they say.



Having spiritually guided in your life can help you get hired, smoothly transition into embodying leadership and make the right impact on your teams.

It gives you the opportunity to have a positive and driven mindset and display a winning attitude.

Being already immersed in that state of mind will save you time when you gain more responsibilities. It is always easier to transition rather than start learning leadership once you get hired. The learning curve can take a bit of time if you delay the learning of those principles.

This is my experience and the colleagues who have followed a similar path have reported the same success.


What’s next?

If you are daydreaming of becoming a Team Leader and would like to have the right foundations from the start, you can click here and you will be directed to the introductory page of my 1st course.

If you are already in leadership and would like to develop leadership skills quickly, you can preregister to my 2nd course, which will be the Bible of the Female Leader, by registering at the end of this page.