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Leadership Online Courses

Empowering women all over the world!

Empower yourself!


5 Easy steps to be Hired as a

Team Leader!

Even if you have 0 experience!

This unique full course 3 in1 is designed for ambitious and spiritual women who daydream of becoming a Team leader.

It comes with Bonuses, a 21 day-challenge and more. By taking this course, you eliminate competition and get ready to take on that new role!  

In Progress: The Female Leadership Bible

From the right foundations to the nitty gritty of your everyday work life

This course is being designed to answer all the questions I have been asked through my coaching sessions.

Get access to the right foundations and to a practical guide to help you on your daily work. The guide will get regularly updated for free.  

In Progress: Redundancy doesn’t have to be a fatality!

Get back on your feet quickly!

All my courses are based upon my own experience, therefore I do believe that this one will also resonate with you if you are going through or expect a similar situation to knock at your door. It will also uplift your spirit!

When you are prepared, you can overcome change with ease and bounce back very quickly!

In Progress: How to Feel and show Confidence

This course is for you if you want to ensure that your team, peers and management respect and trust you right from the start.

This also works if you want to improve your current positioning, if you are an introvert, if you need to make presentations.

In Progress: How to Motivate Individuals and Teams

This course is for you if you find it challenging or are unsure on how to voice your vision and have a productive team working towards the same objective. I will share with you my exact process.

As always, I have designed this course from a woman perspective to empower you in your daily work life.

In progress: How to counteract turnover?

This course will show you how to anticipate turnover, how to minimise it and how to secure a strong team by retaining the right talents. 

This is for you if you face high turnover within your team or don’t know how to retain talents or even how to recruit  the right talents. 

In progress: How to effectively deal with conflicts?

This course is for you if you want to anticipate and diffuse potential conflicts; if you want to mitigate conflicts as soon as they arise; if you want to learn how to deal with confrontation within individuals or a group of people during a meeting or a 121.

I will also show you my process on how I avoid conflicts at work.


Class Formats




PDFs (incl. check lists, recaps, notes)




Ad hoc: a 21 days Challenge in full courses


Who are my Classes ideally for?

For Ambitious Women

Courses are designed for ambitious women who aspire to make a difference in the Leadership world. As Maya Angelou’s mother once said: “once you know better, you do better”. We all had to start somewhere. If you agree, your leadership journey starts here! 

For Spiritual Women

All the wonderful ladies who take my courses are spiritually aware (or open-minded or curious) and embrace spiritual teachings (Law of Attraction, Numerology in full courses, Personal Development and NLP concepts).

For Determined Women

It requires commitment and dedication to take any course and implement its teachings. It is important to me that all my wonderful ladies succeed in their leadership ascension. 



What Our Students Say

I really think this course will help me to evolve in my career. It is well structured and gives me a very strong base. Thank you Sabine! I will buy your next course for sure.

Marina E I

This course really helped me with things that I would not have thought about before entering into a leadership role. The tips and advice given were really helpful.

Natalie M

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