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Leadership for Women


The Leadership Strategy you Need if you want to get hired as a Team Leader even if you have no previous Management experience!!
3 Courses in 1 -A truly transformational Experience! 


Are you daydreaming about becoming a Team Leader?


You are probably doing your best already to get noticed and raise your game.

But when you don’t know where to start, it can be quite confusing, discouraging, and time consuming.

Also, knowing that it takes interviewers a few seconds only to mentally determine if a candidate is going to get the job or not can be daunting.

Their mission is to hire the right candidate because team members rarely leave a company—they leave a team leader.


Are you feeling stuck in your current position, not knowing what competencies you should start working on? You keep your fingers crossed and hope to get noticed?

Are you afraid that it requires a formal leadership experience prior to applying to any type of management position? You know that you need to  switch to another mindset, but where do you start? How do you go about it?

Do you suspect that acquiring a basic understanding of leadership might not be enough to eliminate your competition? Maybe your colleagues get promoted: what leadership skills have they displayed that you haven’t?

 What if you Could …

Apply with confidence to a team leader role without having to worry or without having to keep your fingers crossed that you made a good impression at the interview?

Feel composed and assertive during the interview because you will have grown so much by taking this course that the interview will be the natural step into your future, the future when you are leading the team.

Effortlessly eliminate competition by developing an athlete state of mind and position yourself as a natural leader?

Proudly Introducing

5 easy steps to get hired as a Female  Team Leader

even if you have Zero experience.

  Learn an actionable and digestible strategy that will give you a step- by- step methodology to becoming an assertive candidate and finally get the job you have been daydreaming about.

21 videos

17 PDFs

4 Quizzes



How to build a winning strategy to start acting towards more exposure to leadership



The mindset of an athlete thanks to a 21-day challenge comprised of focused activities and NLP anchors.


How to display your potential by maximizing on your strengths based on
a guided action plan.


How to optimize your CV so that it is screened and not passed over.



How to gain trust from potential hiring managers that you have the right
potential to become a Team Leader.



How to be correctly prepped for any type of leadership interviews,
including presentations

And that’s not all!

First the very first time, as if you had a coaching session, I have designed for you a Unique Guide, based on your date of birth. That Unique Bonus will show you:


What your qualities are

(some women have commented back to me that they had overlooked them as they thought everybody possessed those qualities!)


How you can best display your potential

Best way to display your potential


How to behave at the interview

Ideal  behave at the interview


How to unblock your potential


And Other Resources !

CV checklist

A checklist to build an inspiring CV that makes you stand out (a $49 value)

21-day challenge

A 21-day challenge and career mindset boosters (a value of $197)

Self-Assess checklist

A checklist to self-assess your skills and qualities (a value of $19)


A list of where to look for opportunities (a value of $19)

Management & Recommendations

A list of expectations from your management and team as well as a list of recommendations for you to focus on (a value of $49)


Swot analysis

An improved version of the Swot analysis (a value of $49)

This is a total bonus and resources value of over $579, except that you won’t even pay for the bonuses or resources! Those are for FREE!

Your course may seem inexpensive in comparison to its high value, but my mission is for every spiritual and ambitious woman to be able to afford my courses, hence the sweet price.

*Additional resources will be added on requests.



Yes, that’s right!


Your competitors will hope for the best while you will know your worth.


Your competitors will try to make a good first impression to the point of overdoing it, whereas you will make a good impression effortlessly with the right attitude.


Your competitors will have prepared for the interview based on what they can find on the net or by asking other candidates, while you will have directed your focus on-point by preparing for the exact type of questions you will be asked.


Your competitors will try to justify their potential, while you will have clearly displayed it through purposeful actions and strategies.


Your competitors will stress around the results, while you will know better and will have several opportunities to cover any angle.


Your competitors might not discuss their contract, while you will have a professional attitude when it comes to securing a good contract for yourself.


Even if your competitors have a good level of self-confidence, this course goes beyond it by focusing on YOUR strengths and by giving you boosters that have worked wonders for me and for others.

This course is for you if ….


You are ready to invest in yourself by being guided on the journey to management




You are ready to get noticed and accelerate your exposure to leadership




You want to put all the chances on your side




You want to stop wasting time and are tired of guessing or hoping for the best



This course is not for you if ….…


If you expect this course to come without any dedication on your part




If you are looking for an overnight miracle; this is a transformational type of course and requires some of your time; it is a process, not a magical wand




If you are not ready to take action and implement the strategies in the course



5 Stars

Elizabeth M

(received as a private comment)

Thank you Sabine! Your course was fundamental to find my new job! I wish you all the best!! 


(received as a private comment)

Thank you so much for this course 😀

R. Von

Very interesting course with practical examples and tips that I can use right away to improve my value to recruiters and managers.

A. Tourret

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Anyone wanting to grow their inner self-image and lead a better life can benefit from the teachings in this course, but I do have a special emphasis for customer service and sales in multinational companies or small businesses.

Do you offer a money- back guarantee?

This course was carefully designed over a twelve-month period. It is based upon professional experience, professional coaching sessions, and further studies. Therefore, there is no money-back guarantee. However, I do take pride in offering a great experience and would happily offer some additional guidance if needed.

What if I have questions?

I love questions! You’ll have access to my private email address at info.azeles@gmail.com.

When does the course start?

The course is available now once you complete your purchase!

How long will I have access to the content?

This is a self-paced course and the modules will remain on the Iinternet as long as it exists, with free access to updates.

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